Ernán, uncle of Columba

Other names

In VC 1.45 he is Ernanus, while in VC appendix he is Ernaan (Reeves 1857, 245)


He appears in VC I.45 as prior on Hinba, and subject of a prophesy by Columb Cille regarding Ernán's manner of death. He dies on Iona. He appears as one of Columb Cille's original 12 companions in a list which on linguistic grounds would date to around Adomnán's time (Sharpe 1995 p 354; Reeves 1857, 245-7). If the identification of Hinba with Jura is accepted (Watson 1926, 83 and others) then it is probable that Cill Earnadail on the east coast of Jura commemorates this saint.

Associated places

Hinba (VC 1.45), unidentified island on West Coast of Scotland. For various theories see Sharpe 1985, 306-8 (who favours Oronsay). He is buried on Iona.


He died before Columb Cille, so before 597.


He is not among the brothers of Columb Cille's father, so he must have been a brother of his mother (Sharpe 1995, 306). See Eithne daughter of Mac Naue.

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Ernán, Ernaíne, Mo Ernóc, Marnan (ns) (certain)

Related Personal Names


Ernán (certain)