Docco, bishop of the Britons

Other names

Dochau (Orme 2000, 108), Doccus, Docus (Latin forms), Docc (Vita S. Cainnechi ch. 4 in Heist 1965, 182)


This saint has a widespread cult, centring at the church of Llandough in Glamorgan, Wales (Orme 2000, 108). He is probably the saint referred to in the Orders of the Saints (De Tribus Ordinibus, ch 2, Heist, Vitae, p 83 - a sancto David et sancto Gilda et a sancto Doco.). David and Gildas appear together elsewhere in the company of Cathmael (Vita Finniani ch. 4, Heist p 97 - sanctum David et sanctum Cathmaelum et sanctum Gildam) causing some scholars to equate Docco with Cathmael, and thus with Cadog (Cathmael is the name from which Cadog derives). Charles-Edwards and Watson equate this Docco with Cadoc of Llancarvan (Charles-Edwards, annals, vol 1 p 74; Watson 1927, 327). Orme treats the two saints separately (Orme 2000, 79, 108) as does Brooke: “ ‘Docus’ can hardly be a version of the name ‘Cadocus’.” (Brooke 1963, 298).


AU 473.2 Quies Docci episcopi sancti Britonum abbatis. ‘Repose of the holy bishop Doccus, abbot of the Britons.’

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Dogmael, Mo Doc, Docco (ns) (certain)

Same as Cadoc of Llancarvan (possible)

Scholars are not in agreement regarding the relationship between Cadoc of Llancarvan and Docco, bishop of the Britons. There are two lines of argument here, which need to be disentangled. One is a linguistic one and is concerned with establishing whether the name Docco is or is not a hypocoristic form of Cadoc. The other is about which names were applied to which saint and is not concerned with the linguistic relationship between one name and another. See notes on Docco.

Related Personal Names


Cathmáel (possible)

'In the Life of St Finnian, ch 4, ed. Heist, Vitae, p 97, three holy Britons are named as David, Cathmaelus, and Gildas; in the De Tribus Ordinibus, ch. 2 ed Heist, Vitae, p 82, three British saints are named as David, Gildas and Docus. Hence Docus in the one text appears to correspond to Cathmaelus in the other.’ TCE, annals, vol 1 p 74.


Docco (certain)

Feast days

Day of Year

Feb 15


Orme says his feast in Wales was on 15th Feb; this appears in a calendar of c1200 (Orme 2000, 109).