Bruc of Rothesay

Other names

Bruk (1445), Bruternus or Brucernus (1397)


For discussion of the cult, see Márkus (2012), 'The Place-Names of Bute', 98-102



Associated places

Rothesay (Bute).

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Briac, Briog, Breage (ns) (probable)

Belongs to the group Broc, Broccán, Broicsech (ns) (probable)

Feast days

Day of Year

July 16

Quote from source

'Allan Orre .. had carnal dealing with her ... upon a Friday about eleven days before St Brucks day ... and that Friday he had last ado with her was the 5th day of July' (Rothesay Session Book, 144, cited by Markus 2012, 101)