Constantine son of Áed, king, d. 952


This king, the third king among the Picts and Scots to be called Constantine, ruled over Alba from 900 until in 940 x 943 he abdicated and ‘baculum cepit’ (‘took the staff’). According to later Medieval versions of the king list he retired to the church of St Andrews and become abbot of the céli Dé community there (Anderson 1922 i p 447). The Scottish Chronicle in the Poppleton MS says that in 906 he came to an agreement with Cellach the bishop, on the Hill of Faith nr Scone regarding disciplines of faith and rights of churches (Anderson 1922 i p 445).




AU 952.1 Custantin m Aedha ri Alban [died]

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Belongs to the group Constantine (ns)

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Custantin (certain)