This saint is known chiefly in association with Botriphinie Church, but there are traces of his cult in Caithness, according to Forbes. Forbes has the following: ‘Botriffnie or Fumac Kirk hath for its patron S. Fumac, quhose wooden image is washed yearly, with much formality, by an old woman (quho keeps it) at his fair (on the third of May), in his own well here.’’ – (MS Account of Scottish Bishops in the Library at Slains, 1726.) ‘This image existed till the beginning of this century, when, being swept away by a flood of the Isla, it was stranded at Banff, and they yet live (1847) who remember to have seen the statue committed to the flames, as a monument of superstition, by the parish minister' (Illustrations of the Antiqq. of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff, vol. ii p. 253, note: Spalding Club.).... One of the old almanacks gives a S. Fumack’s fair at Dinet, in Caithness, and at Chapel of Dine, in Watten.’ (All the above from Forbes, Kalendars, 351-2) Where is the Chapel of Dine in Watten? There are traces of Catherine and of Talorc here, but Fumac is elusive.



Associated places

Botriphnie, Banffshire

Territory or Ethnicity (broad)


Related Saints

Belongs to the group Fumac (ns) (certain)

Related Personal Names


Fumac (certain)

Feast days

Day of Year

May 3


Forbes draws on an MS Account of Sccttish Bishops in the Library at Slains, 1726, which apparently claims that his fair was kept on May 3rd.