Carantoc is localised in Cornwall from at least the 11th century (Langoroch (a place which may contain a pet-form of his name), canonici S’ Carentoch 1086). Two Latin lives were written in Wales in the 12th. These claim he was the son of the legendary founder of Cardigan, he became a hermit and lived for a time with Patrick in Ireland, and was known in Ireland as Cernach. The Irish connection may have been invented at a time when little was remembered about Carantoc in comparison with the better-known Irish saint of similar name. The equivalence of Carantoc and Cairnech is doubted by Ó Riain (Dictionary, 146)



Associated places

St Carantoc’s Church, Crantock in Cornwall; Carhampton in Somerset; Llangrannog in Cardigan, Wales; Carantec, Finistère, Brittany, France.

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Carnac, Cairnech, Carantoc (ns)

Cult sometimes merges with Cairnech of Tuilén (Dulane) (certain)

Related Personal Names