Columb Cille m. Feidlimid

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Belongs to the group Columb, Colmán, Commán, Mo Cholmóc, Mo Chommóc, Mo Chumma, Columba, Columbanus etc (ns) (certain)

Same as Cainnech m. Luigthig of Aghaboe (possible)

This is argued by Ó Riain 1983

Same as Colmán Ela m. Beogna (possible)

Colmán Ela has much in common with Columb Cille, as he does with several other saints of similar name. Ó Riain regards them as ultimately identical (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 205)

Same as Commán m. Fáelchon of Roscommon (possible)

Ó Riain, Dictionary, 183. 'What appear to be localized versions of Colum Cille are to be found at the important churches of Terryglass (Colum), Inchcaltra (Caimín), Roscommon (Comán), and Kilkenny (Cainneach).'

Same as Mo Cholmóc m. Conratháin of Dromore (possible)

This identification is suggested by Ó Riain and is part of the argument which sees Columb Cille as ultimately identical to Cainnech of Achadh Bó (Ó Riain 1983)

Related Personal Names


Columb (certain)


Columba (certain)


Crimthann (certain)

His original name . Ó Riain 1985.


Mo Chumma (possible)

It may be that the Mo Chummae referred to in Fo Réir Choluimb is Columb Cille. Clancy and Márkus 1995, 136.