Bairrfind m. Muiredaig of Meitíne


This Munster saint is argued by Ó Riain to represent a part of the cult of Bairre m. Amairgin of Cork, before the Cork saint was given a Connacht genealogy in the 12th century (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 84). The cloth which covered Bairrfind m. Muiredaig of Meitíne is mentioned in the poem ‘A maccucán’ as one of the items in Adomnán’s reliquary (ibid; Carney 1983).



Associated places

Meitíne (district which included Múscraige Meitíne and Donaghmore, barony of East Muskerry, Co. Cork)


He is assigned to the Uí Echach of Munster (CGSH 356), a group which held lands in south-west Cork.

Territory or Ethnicity (broad)


Territory or Ethnicity (refined)


Related Saints

Belongs to the group Findbarr, Bairrfind, Bairre, Uinniau, Finnén etc (ns) (certain)

Same as Bairre m. Amairgin of Cork (possible)

This is argued by Ó Riain on the basis of Bairrfind's genealogy, which would comforably fit with an early manifestation of the cult of Bairre of Cork (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 84)

Related Personal Names


Bairrfind (certain)