Leonard of Noblac


Supposedly a 6th century mionk and hermit at Noblac, near Limoges, France. His cult is first known from the 11th century, after which it becomes popular, and his cult is linked to the patronage of prisoners (and also pregnant women), with a narrative link to the crusades which may have influenced its growth. ODS. Leonard’s cult was popular in western Europe from the 11th century. There is a Life of c1025 according to which he was a Frankish noble who converted to Christianity; he became a monk at Micy, and a hermit at Noblac where, though his help, the wife of Clovis I (founder of the Merovingian dynasty) gave birth in safety to a male child. Through Clovis’s endowment, the abbey of Noblac was founded. Here Leonard died and was buried. His cult spread from France to England, Italy and Bavaria He may have lived in the 6th century but his historical existence is not proved. He was patron of pregnant women and captives. ODS, 320



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Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, in Haute-Vienne, Limousin region of France.

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Leonard (certain)

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Nov 6