Lassar (ns)


See Word doc - Lasrach. There are none of relevant name in Mart O. Of the ones in Mart T, only one can be identified with anyone in POR - Laisre ingen Chomgaill Jan 22. She appears under the saints of Ulaid and "Sir Ír" (151) and, along with Colman Eala and Mael Ruain of Tamlacht, under heading "Siol Eachach Mic Muiredhaigh" (662.186). There is a Lassar of Cell Laisre who appears in the Life of Brigit in the Book of Lismore (and elsewhere). She appears as Lassar, Cell Lasra in POR, who, via his informant KWN, tentatively identifies Cell Lasra with Killossery, co. Dublin. There is also a Lassar of Cell Laisre appearing in the Life of Colman Eala p 213. This seems to be the place near which is Topar Cille Lasrach. See Hogan. It is in County Westmeath. Not sure who this might correspond to in POR, if anyone. Possibly Laisre ingen Chomgail above, who is linked genealogically to Colman Eala. An interesting Lassar with Scottish link is Lassar ingen Nemnann. She is sister of Berchán m. Nemnann qv. Ancestor is Erc Mór m Echach Muinremuir who appears as king of Alba and contemp of Niall Noígiallach in a saga on death of Niall (see Byrne p 77). Erc's obit appears in Annals of 4 masters 474 (Byrne p 80). See also Bannerman 74 p 69-70; it is the sons of Erc who take Scotland in Senchus fer nAlban. Note also the Lassar that appears in Mart G and Mart D on July 27. Mart G gloss is "Thiprat Rois rain", and Mart D has Lassar Thioprat Rois rain. Identification of this well is not attempted.

Related Saints

Is a group which includes Lassar ingen Nemnann (certain)