Cellach m. Congaile, abbot of Iona, d 815


Abbot of Iona. This Cellach seems to have overseen the building of the new monastery at Kells, beginning 807. The job was complete in 814, he resigned and died the following year. AU814.9 Cellach, abbot of Í, when the building of the church of Cenannas was finished, resigned the office of superior, and Diarmait, fosterling of Daigre, was appointed in his place. Watson suggests this Cellach as possible dedicatee at Cill Mo-Cheallaig in Islay (Watson 1926, 302)




AU 815.6 Mael Canaigh ancorita Lugmaidh, Cellach m. Congaile abbas Iae, dormierunt.

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Belongs to the group Cellach, Cellán, Mo Chellóc (ns) (certain)

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Cellach (certain)