Cattán m. Matáin


It is often asserted that Catán of Bute and this Catán are the same. This may be so but it is far from certain.


Descended from Cruind Ba Drui who is ancestor of the Ulster Cruithin (Rec. Mai., CGSH no 102). Appears among saints of Sil Iareil Mic Conuill in Rec. Met. (Rec. Met., CGSH no 662.211) and among ss of the Dal nAraide including Comgall m. Sétna, Ultán Ard Breccáin, Molaisse m. Nadfroích, Daiminis, and Epscop Ibar m. Lugna.

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Cattán (ns) (certain)

Same as Cattán of Bute (possible)

Related Personal Names


Cattán (certain)

Feast days

Day of Year

Feb 1


The Martyrology of Donegal

Source code

Mart. Do.

Source title

The Martyrology of Donegal


Todd, J. H.




Other author to be specified.

Quote from source

"Catan, tutor of Blaan, ie of Blaan of Cenn-garadh. There is a Catan, son of Madan, of the race of Irial, son of Conal Cernach, who is of the Clanna-Rudhraighe."


The connection of the Catán on this date with Catán m. Matáin is stated tentatively in this calendar. The full name Catán m. Matáin does not appear as a an entry in the early marts.