Angus of Balquhidder


'Angus's Fair' or Féill Aonghuis was held in Balquhidder on the first Wednesday after the second Tuesday of August ie between the 9th and 15th inclusive. Other place-names in the vicinity suggest the presence of a cult here but whether this commemorated a local holy man, or was a part of the cult of an associate of Mochta of Louth (as suggested by Watson) is uncertain. Watson 1926, 272.



Associated places

Balquhidder, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Territory or Ethnicity (broad)


Related Saints

Belongs to the group Óengus, Angus (ns) (certain)

Same as Óengus servant of Mochta (possible)

This identity is suggested by Watson on the basis of the servant of Mochta's feastday (11th Aug) falling within the range of dates on which the Féill Aonghuis was held at Balquhidder. (Watson 1926, 272)

Related Personal Names


Aonghas (certain)

Feast days

Day of Year

August 11


This feast day is suggested on the basis of a fair - Féill Aonghuis - held at Balquhidder between the 9th and 15th of August, inclusive.