Briog of St-Brieuc

Other names

Briocmaglus (Latin life ch. 2, Doble 1965 p 68), Brioccius (Orme 2000, 75), Brieuc (his name in Brittany - Orme 2000, 75).


He is born, according to his life, 'in Coriticanae regio', which is 'probably Cardigan' (Orme 2000 p 75). He studies under Germanus in Paris (Latin Life ch. 4, Doble 1965 p 68) [S. German, bishop of Paris 555-576] with Patrick and Heltut (Latin Life ch. 9, Doble 1965 p 70). He founds churches in his birth place and in Brittany (Latin Life ch. 29, 45-7, ibid. p 75, 79-80) where he dies. His body is moved to cathedral in Angers in mid 9th c (Doble 1965 p 83), and relics removed to new shrine there in 1166 in presence of Henry II of England (Doble 1965 p 97). In 1210 some of the relics were returned to St-Brieuc in Brittany (Doble 1965 p 98-9). There is a Latin Life of the 11th or 12th century (Doble 1965 p 67), apparently written at the behest of an abbot, possible by a clerk of Angers (Doble 1965 p 84). It is drawn from 'an old text' written in 'the idiom of the foreign tongue' (Doble 1965 p 84) In his Life Briog is brought into contact with St Tudual, as also is St Briac qv. Briog leaves his monastery in Brittany in hands of his nephew Papu-Tugual. (Life ch. 42, Doble 1965 p 78). [This monastery, on the river Ioudi, now the Juadi, is Tréguier, which, according to the Vita Tutguali was founded by Tudal, not Brioc.] In modern Brittany Briog is celebrated on the second Sunday after Easter (Orme 2000, 76) There is a Saint Briavel commemorated in the Dean forest, Gloucestershire. This name appears to derive from W. Briafael which would come from Celtic 'Brio-maglos' [CHECK first element]. This is Briog's full name, according to his Latin life. He is commemorated in Brittany, Cornwall and possibly Gloucestershire (Orme 2000 p 76). Forbes reports dedications at Inchbrayoch, near Montrose and Dunrod in Kirkcudbrightshire (Forbes, Kalendars p 291).

Associated places

Coriticanae regio (Latin Life ch. 2, Doble 1965 p 68). Llandyfriog in Cardigan (Doble 1965 p 87). St Breock in Cornwall (Orme 2000 p 75). Saint-Brieuc in Brittany (Doble 1965 p 97-9, 100). Angers (Doble 1965 p 97).

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Briac, Briog, Breage (ns)

Same as Briac of Saint-Briac (possible)

Related Personal Names


Brieuc (certain)


Briog (certain)

Feast days

Day of Year

May 1


This feast-day is widely attested.

Day of Year

Oct 18


This was the feast of the tranlsation of his relics from Angers to Saint-Brieuc (Orme 2000, 76)