Briac of Saint-Briac


St Briac is mentioned by Orme who finds his fd listed in a late 10th or 11th century sacramentry on 18 Dec. 'He appears to have given his name to, or to have been patron-saint of, a number of sites, including Bourbriac, Saint-Fiacre (formerly Saint-Briac), Saint-Briac in Henanbihen commune, and former chapels at Pleneuf-le-Val-Andre and at Guerbriac in Plouagat commune (C.-d'A), Briac and La Croix-Briac in Taule commune (Fin.), and Saint-Briac (I.-et-V).' Orme 2000, 72. According to Doble, the parish of Bourbriac formerly possessed a MS life of Briac. It is reported as saying that Briac was a companion of St. Tudual, and associates him with a king Deroch. 'I suppose there is a possibiity of Brioc and Briac having originally been the same person.' Doble 1965, 94-5. Tudual also comes into the Life of Briog There does seem to be overlap between aspect of the dossiers of Briac and Briog qv.

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Briac, Briog, Breage (ns) (certain)

Same as Briog of St-Brieuc (possible)

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Briac (certain)

Feast days

Day of Year

Dec 18


Orme refers to Tanguy 1992, 27-8, 280-1. The feast day is apparently listed in a late-10th- or 11th- century sacramentary.