Breage of Cornwall

Other names

Various forms of her name are given by Orme: Breac, Briac, Breaca etc (Orme 2000, 71)


Breage is a saint commemorated in Cornwall whose lost Latin life of the 14th or 15th century is quoted by John Leland who visited Cornwall in about 1540 (Orme 2000 p 71-2); it seems to draw on a Life of Brigit, among others. Traditions of Breage's birth place are vague (the regions of Leinster and Ulster) and she is said to have lived in Mag Breg in Co. Meath. This latter point corresponds to St Broc ingen Dalbronaig, who is associated, via her sister Broicsech, with the same place (Rec. Mai no. 2.1). William of Worcester in 1478 said the feast day of Breage was May 1st, suggesting confusion also with the saint of Brittany, Brioc. 'Whether Breage was (or was regarded as) identical with any other saint is a complicated matter. Brioc's name is similar, but their genders differed in medieval Cornwall, suggesting that they were not then usually regarded as identical.'

Associated places

Breage, Cornwall (Orme 2000, 72)

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Briac, Briog, Breage (ns) (certain)

Related Personal Names


Briac (probable)


The Saints of Cornwall


Orme gives Briac as the name of a male Bretagne saint, 'similarly named'.

Feast days

Day of Year

May 1


'In 1478 William Worcester heard that Breage was buried in Breage church, and that her feast-day was kept on 1 May [Harvey 1969, 28-9], a day that was also the festival of Brioc and possibly borrowed from him.' Orme 2000, 72.