Berchán m. Nemnann

Other names

Alternative names for father are Nemnall (alt. form in Rec. Met. 662.135; Irish Life, Plummer 1922 vol 1 p 23-4), Neman (alt. form in Rec. Mai. 239), Nemall (Mothers of the Saints no. 722.102)


Variation of his father's name include Nemal. This would make his name very similar to Berach m. Amairgin, whose father's name also sometimes appears as Nemal. One of his genealogies resembles that of Berchán m. Muiredaig. Ó Riain, Dictionary, lists him as Bearchán of Laragh.

Associated places

Cell Láthraig (Ó Riain 1985 no. 670.50). This is now Laragh, parish of Kilcock, Co. Kildare (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 98). Cell Ingen Nemnann (Ó Riain 1985 no. 670.2), identification uncertain.


Descended in Rec. Mai. in LL from Áed m Eirc m Echach Muinremur (Rec. Mai. no 239). But a variation in BB, BLec and LB shifts descent from Dál Riata to the Eóganacht dynasty of Munster (Oengus Fir > Oengus m. Nadfroích). In the Rec. Met. he descends from Loarn m. Eirc (Rec. Met. no 662.135)

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Berach, Berchán, Mo Bí (ns) (certain)

Same as Berach m. Amairgin of Kilbarry (possible)

Same as Berchán m. Muiredaig of Cluain Sosta (possible)

Related Personal Names


Berchán (certain)


Breccán (probable)

Rec. Mai. 239 in B and Lc only