Constantine son of Rydderch Hael


Jocelin of Furness writes of a Constantine in his life of Kentigern (Anderson 1922 i p 135): Constantine son of King Riderch of Cumbria (= the Rhydderch Hael, king of Dumbarton in VC I.15). Riderch invites Kentigern back from Cumbria, deferring to Kentigern in all things (Anderson 1922 p 126) . Riderch's son Constantine is good and pious ‘and to this day many are accustomed to call him St Constantine’. Macquarrie notes that this tale makes Constantine subordinate to Kentigern, as Govan was to Glasgow in the 12th century. ‘No progeny is credited to Rhydderch in the Harleian genealogies, and the assertion that Constantine was his son born to Languoreth as a result of Kentigern's intercession looks like an explanation for (or justification of) the fact that during the twelfth century the great minster church of St Constantine at Govan became subordinated as a prebend of St Kentigern's cathedral church at Glasgow’ (Macquarrie 1997 p 134). Regardless of the veracity or otherwise of Jocelin’s story it may be that some characteristics of this Constantine entered into the understanding of who the Constantine commemorated in place-names and at churches in Scotland might have been.

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