Constantine son of Cináed, king, d. 876


This king of the Picts was killed at or immediately after a battle near Dollar in which the Picts were defeated by the Vikings. During his reign, for which few sources survive, Viking activity reached a peak. A case has been made for this king – a martyr killed defending his kingdom from heathens - being the Constantine commemorated at Govan on the Clyde (Davies 2000).




AU876.1 Custantin m. Cinaedha rex Pictorum, Cinaedh abbas Achaid Bo Cainnigh, Congalach m. Finsnechta rex na n-Airgialla, Fedhach princeps Disirt Diarmata, moriuntur. 'Constantine son of Cinaed, king of the Picts, Cinaed abbot of Achad Bó Cainnig, Congalach son of Fínnechta, king of the Airgialla, and Fedach, superior of Dísert Diarmata, die.'

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