Cóeti of Donaghedy

Other names

Caideus, Caidocus (both from Mart Don. Oct 25th)


The patron of Donaghedy was an abbot Cadinus, according to an early 17th manuscript (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 147), and his feast was four days before the feast of All Saints (1 Nov) ie 28th Oct. The Martyrology of Donegal associates Donaghedy with a saint variously called Caoide, Caideus or Caidocus (Mart. Don, 24th Oct) and in the index O’Clery notes that his church, bell and staff are preserved (Mart. Don. p 373). The original church may have been on the site of the Grange (in the modern townland of Grangefoyle), a monastic site which at least by the 13th century pertained to the abbey of Derry.

Associated places

Domnach Coeti (parish of Donaghedy, barony of Strabane, Co Tyrone).

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Cóeti, Mo Ched (ns) (certain)

Same as Cóeti of Iona (probable)

Feast days

Day of Year

Oct 25

Quote from source

Féil Caoide, ab, patrun . . . . .caid, ‘The festival of Caoide, Abbot, patron of …..chaidh’.


Reeves note says that this entry is in the margin of the MS ‘in the more recent hand’. On the same day, last in the list is another insersion: Caideus, seu Caidocus, o Domnac Caoide a ccois Dannaide, ‘Caideus, or Caidocus, of Domhach Caoide, at the Dannaid foot’ From the latter insertion, Reeves deduces that the blank in the text of the former should be filled with the word Domnach.

Day of Year

Oct 28

Quote from source

Videtur et similiter idem vocari Caidocus et Caidanus, vel Caidinus. S. Caidinus Confessor, colitur in Ecclesia de Domhnach Caoide, dioecesis Derensis, in Ultonia 28 Octobris, quo die plura de ipso.


Ó Riain cites an early seventeenth-century manuscript fragment which asserts that the feast day of the abbot of Donaghedy ('Cadinus') fell four days before the feast of All Saints, that is October 28 (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 147)