Nem of Tulach


A bishop called Ném appears in notulae in Book of Armagh: eps(cop) Ném i Telich Ceniuil Oingos(so). These notulae are, according to Mulchron in Eriu 16 (1932) p 142, a medieval table of contents of an exemplar prose text (not exant); they are in Ferdomnach's hand, date not before 750. See Márkus 1999 p 129. Notulae are in Bieler 1979 p180. See also Stokes 1887, Tripartite Life of Patrick p 162. Patrick leaves many churches and cloisters (docellaib ocus docongbálaib) in Dál Riata including Ném, a bishop, in Tellach Ceneóil Oengusa (Forácaib epscop Ném hiTelaig cenéoil Oengusa). Date of this uncertain. See Kenney p 342, and Francis Byrne in JRSAI 1994. Drumtullagh, barony of Cary, Co. Antrim, may now represent Tulach (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 513). There is a Neman ab Lis móir in AT 609. This must relate to the Scottish Lismore, as Mochutu had not yet left Rathen.



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Tulach (possibly now Drumtullagh, barony of Cary, Co. Antrim (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 513))


A tract related to the Dál nAraide attaches Nem to the Uí Bhrunnchon, and connects him to Colmán of Kilroot, Colmán of Dromore, and Cas Cobha (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 513).

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Dál nAraide

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A Dictionary of Irish Saints


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