Nectan of Wales

Other names

Nighton (ODS)


Nectan of Wales is a Welsh hermit, according to ODS, son of a Welsh king, who established himself and was killed in N Devon. Feast usually 17 June, but May 18, Dec 4 and Feb 14 have also been associated with Nectan. Nectan had a significant medieval cult in SW England, with treasures, including a reliquary and gold-decorated staff, in the church at Hartland, N. Devon. This is one of five churches dedicated to him in Devon and Cornwall. Two Breton place-names may be connected with him (ODS, 361).



Related Saints

Belongs to the group Nechtan, Nathalan (ns) (certain)

Feast days

Day of Year

Dec 4


Translation date

Day of Year

Feb 14


This was his feast day at St Winnoc, Cornwall, and is the date given in Wilson's Martyrology of 1640.

Day of Year

June 17


This is his death date. It was kept at Launceston, Exeter, Wells and elsewhere (ODS 361).