Munnu m. Tulcháin

Other names

Munnu m. Tilcháin (Ó Riain 1985), Fintan Munnu, Fintain, Mundu (Mart. O), Fintén Mocumoie son of Talchan (Watson 1926, 307); Fintán / Munnu of Taghmon (Sharpe 1995)



Associated places

Taghmon (Teach Munna), barony of Shelmaliere West, Co Wexford. Taghmon, barony of Corkaree, Co. Westmeath.

Territory or Ethnicity (broad)


Related Saints

Belongs to the group Fintan, Munnu (ns) (certain)

Same as Fintan m. Gaibréin of Cluain Eidnech (possible)

Of Fintan m. Gaibréin (of Clonenagh) Ó Riain writes: 'Together with other bearers of the name, such as Fiontan Maoldubh and Munna (alias Fiontan) of Taghmon, the saint probably represented a single original cult, subsequently localized at Durrow, Taghmon, Clonenagh, and other places.'