Mosenóc m Sencháin

Other names

Mosenóc Mugnae (Ó Riain 1985) [Mugnae is in Co. Kildare]


Mosenóc appears in the Irish martyrologies on December 11th, and is connected, in the genealogies, with a group associated with East Leinster, particularly around Glendalough (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 499) A remarkable tree was present near his church at Ballaghmoon (Mart. O notes, 258). Several refs in Ó Riain 1985. Appears in Mart. O on Dec 11. Mart. O index has Senchán Imlech Ibair on Dec 11 who could be a doublet. It is Senchán Imlech Ibair who Watson thinks might be represented in Kilmanshennachan in Kintyre (Watson 1926, 361).



Associated places

Ballaghmoon (< Mughna / Bealach Mughna), next to Dunmanoge (Dún Mosheanóg), barony of Kilkea and Moone, Co. Kildare.


CGSH 181.5, 291

Territory or Ethnicity (broad)



Related Saints

Belongs to the group Senán, Mo Senóc, Senach, Senchán (ns)