Mo Luóc m. Luchta of Lismore

Other names

Moluag, Molouach, Moloak, M'huluoch, Malogue, Emagola, Muluay (All except first from Forbes, Kalendars), Moluóc Lismoir (Mart. O notes)


m'Luóc glan ngeldae / grían Liss móir Albae: my Luóc pure, brilliant, the sun of Lismore of Alba. Mart O June 25. Sharpe 1991 p 33 n.122 quotes bit from Jocelyn's Life of Patrick - ex filiis Benchorensis cenobii Luanus nomine centum monasteriorum solus fundator fuit. This "suggests an account of St Moluag, founder of Lismore in the Firth of Lorn." Devotion to Moluoc apparently held by James IV. See, eg, OPS p 22: in 1507 James confirms a grant of lands in Killarow to the Bishop of Argyll "on account of the singular devotion which he bore towards the blessed confessor Saint Moloc, patron of the cathedral church of Lismore." RMS lib xiv no 389.




AU 592 Obitus Lugide Lis Moer

Territory or Ethnicity (broad)


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Belongs to the group Lugaid, Mo Lua, Mo Luóc (ns) (certain)