Mo Laisse m. Cairill Chruaid of Leighlin

Other names

Laserian, Molaise (ODS), Molio, Molaissi, Laisren (these 3 from Forbes, Kalendars), Do-Laisse (Watson 1926), Lasrén of Leighlin, Lasrianus (Sharpe 1995).


There is a short and incomplete life of Mo Laisse in S (Heist p 340-3). A closely related life is printed in Acta Sanctorum April. II (1675) 544-7. The life is described by Kenney: 'The Life of Mo-Laisse is a late and unsatisfactory production - probably not earlier than the twelfth century. It alleges that he made two visits to Rome, on the first of which he as consecrated bishop by Pope Gregory, and on the second appointed apostolic delegate to Ireland. References to him in the Life of Munnu and elsewhere indicate that he was the principal advocate of the Roman Easter in southern Ireland in his time' (Kenney 1929, 451). According to Sharpe the life ‘was probably composed for liturgical use in the late thirteenth century when 'Laserianus' was regarded as patron of one of the suffragan sees in the province of Dublin' (Sharpe 1991, 395). Various Scottish connections are given to him in the vita: his mother is said to be Gemma, alleged wife of King Aedán (m Gabrán) (Heist 1965, 340); St Blane is said to be his uncle (ibid, 341); he is educated by Munnu (ibid, 341); and he leads a heremetic life on an island inter Britanniam et Scociam (Heist 1965, 341). He also appears in Life of Munnu in S (Heist 1965, 198 -209): 'At a certain time there was a great council of the people of Ireland in the fields of Ailbhe [in campis Ailbe], among whom there was a huge dispute through the whole year between the new Easter and the old Easter. For Laisrén of Lethglenn [Lasserianus enim Lethglinne] with his [people] defended the new Easter and new order, the other seniors of Ireland, in truth, were praising the old Easter and the old order.' (Heist 1965, 207). The council is inconclusive, ending when Munnu says: "Let each individual therefore do what he believes and seems right to him" (Heist 1965, 207).



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Related Saints

Belongs to the group Laisrén, Mo Laisse, Mac Laisre (ns)