Mo Chuta m. Finaill of Rathan and Lismore

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Two surviving Latin lives, one in D (Plummer, VSH vol1 170-99) and an abbreviation of it in S (Heist 1965, 334-340). Sharpe suggests that the life in D uses 'a full vita of somewhat earlier date' (Sharpe 1991, 396). An Irish Life also derives from the D version (Plummer, BNE vol 1, 291-9). An account of Mochuta's expulsion from Rathan is in Plummer, BNE vol 1, 300-307.



Associated places

Les Mór (Lismore, Co. Waterford); Rathan (Rahan, Co. Offaly)


AU 637.2 Mu-Chautu Rathin pausat, 'Mo Chutu of Raithen rests'.


He is of the Ciarraige (Síl Fergusa) in CGSH Rec. Mai (O Ríain 1985, no. 126). In Rec. Met. He is under the heading Sil Fergusa Mic Rosa and in same stanza as Brénainn m. Findloga (Ó Riain 1985 no. 662.195). Through mother he is of the Corco Duibne (Ó Riain 1985 no. 722.62): Finmed ingen Fingin m. Fintain m. Aedloga m. Nathí de hUib Meic Coinne de Chorco Duibni mathair Mochutu Lis Moir. The same info is added to some Manuscripts of CGSH no. 126.

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Belongs to the group Carthach, Mochuta (ns) (certain)

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Carthach (certain)

Equation is made in MT, May 14. In Aliases of Saints (Ó Riain 1985 no 703.4): Carthach ainm Mochutu Lis Moir.


Mo Chuta (certain)

Feast days

Day of Year

May 14

Day of Year

May 14