Finnian m. Cairpre of Moville

Other names

Finnian of Moville; Finnian moccu Fiatach (Kenney 1926)

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Findbarr, Bairrfind, Bairre, Uinniau, Finnén etc (ns) (certain)

Same as Bairre m. Amairgin of Cork (probable)

Related Personal Names


Bairrfind (possible)

Two quatrains added to one MS of AU include the following: lecca huara iar n-aire baile for Barrfinn Bile 'Cold flags over temples / Barrfhinn of Bile is distraught' (AU 878.3). These lines may be a reference to Finnian of Moville (Woolf 2007, 117)


Finnian (certain)