Saint help notes

The amount of information given on this page varies according to whether the saint is specific or non-specific.

For a specific saint, Berchán m. Muiredaig of Cluain Sosta, for example, there might be several sections containing information. For a non-specific saint, Berchán, Berach, Mo Bí (ns) for example, the information is more limited. The only fields containing data, apart from the name of the saint, are those defining relationships with other saints, and with personal names.

Most of the information on the saints is self-explanatory. Further help can be found at Methodology: conventions for data entry: saints, and at Methodology: the structure of the database: saints.

Alongside the information on the saint, which you will see on the left side of the screen, you will see a map showing a distribution of place-names which contain (or may contain) the saint's name. The dots are colour-coded according to the degree of certainty with which the saint is attached to that place:


Click a dot for an outline identification of the place. A further click will open a page with fuller information.

Pages containing the full information on Place and Name can also be reached from the list of places beneath the map. After each entry in the list the certainty with which the saint is associated with each place-name is stated.

If there are two head-names for a single place, and both head-names are associated with the same saint (as is virtually always the case), then the place will appear twice in the list, each with a different name. For example 'St Adomnán's Church, Insh' has two head-names: St Adomnán's Church, and Cill Eòdhnain. They are listed thus:

St Adomnán's Church, Insh St Adomnán's Church (certain)
St Adomnán's Church, Insh Cill Eòdhnain (certain)

The label on the map, however, will give the place, but only one of the names. The colour of the dot will reflect the least certain of associations between saint and place.

If there is more than one place sharing a single grid reference, again only one label will appear on the map. For example St Adomnán's Church, Insh, shares a grid reference with Tom Eódhnain. Only one place – in this case – Tom Eódhnain – is flagged on the map. St Adomnan's Church can be reached from the list of commemorations, or from Tom Eódhnain where it appears under 'nearby places' (it is '0 miles away').