Hoddom, parish

Grid reference

NY 166 726 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

316600 572600





Nearby places

Trailtrow, former parish, Cummertrees (0.73 miles)

Luce, former parish, Hoddom (1.31 miles)

St Bryde's Well, Brydekirk, Annan (1.34 miles)

Brydekirk, former parish, Annan (1.5 miles)

St Bryde's Kirk, eccles. Bridekirk, Annan (1.5 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for Hoddom Old Parish Church. This was the site of the 12th or 13th century kirk, which became ruinous after the union of Hoddom with Luce and Ecclefechan (NMRS). NMRS further records, in regard to the early importance of this church: 'Archaeological evidence from this site would indicate the existence of an important ecclesiastical centre at this site in the 8th and subsequent centuries: 1. An early nave built of re-used Roman material (clearly from Birrens), with megalithic quoins which was excavated about 1915. The construction is like that of the Anglian churches at Jarrow and Escomb, both dating from about AD 700. 2. The finds of Early Christian monuments (listed and illustrated by Radford), including two fine 8th century crosses of Ruthwell type, and part of a 10th century staff or crozier shrine, are too numerous to be accounted for in any other way. Many of the finds are in Dumfries Museum and the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland (NMAS).


Relationships with other parishes

Contains Ecclefechan, former parish, Hoddom

Contains Luce, former parish, Hoddom

Parish details

Hoddom including medieval parish of Ecclefechan EFX and Luce (RPS 1609/4/35).

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Parish notes

The lands of Hoddom pertained to the church of Glasgow in the Inquest c.1120 and the church itself was confirmed to the bishop of Glasgow by Pope Alex. III in 1170 (Glas. Reg. nos. 1, 26). See Cowan 1967, 82 for more refs. and details. According to Jocelyn’s 12th c. Vita of Kentigern, when Kentigern is recalled from Wales to Strathclyde by King Rederech, he stays at Hoddam before he returns to Glasgow. Hoddom and Ecclefechan were united in 1609 (APS iv, p.441): 'The kirkis of hoddome egilschame and Luss the place of the kirk to be at hoddome neir the towne thairof ...' Also includes Pennersaughs PSX?