Farnway, former parish, Kirkhill

Grid reference

NH 605 452 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

260500 845200





Nearby places

St Curetan's Church, Farnway, Kirkhill (0.06 miles)

Inchberry, settlement Kirkhill (1.07 miles)

Craig Phadrig, Inverness & Bona (2.17 miles)

Kilvean, settlement, Inverness (2.44 miles)

Balphadrig, Inverness & Bona (2.5 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



The NGR is for the site marked 'Church' on OS maps, which is beside Kirkton, and near the foot of Inchberry Hill (q.v.)

Relationships with other parishes

Within Kirkhill, Wardlaw (=Dunballoch) parish

Relationships with other places

Contains Inchberry, settlement Kirkhill

Contains St Curetan's Church, Farnway, Kirkhill

Parish details

Farnway now part of Kirkhill KIH

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese


Parish notes

"Farnua (Farnway), long extinct, stood at Baile na h-Eaglais or Kirkton, where the old burial ground is. It was dedicated to St Curidan. In Farnua stood also the cell of Bunchrew, whose hermits kept the register called ‘Scriptum Bunchriviae’." Fasti 471. Cowan assumes that the parish was erected 1221 x 39 from the parish of Dunballoch, but this is almost certainly not the case (see below). The church was granted in 1239 by Andrew bishop of Moray as a common church of Elgin cathedral. It remained so annexed, both in parsonage and vicarage, while a chaplain or vicar pensioner served the cure (Moray Reg. nos.51-52, 41; Beauly Chrs. no. viii; Thirds of Benifices 6; Reg. of Pres., i, 25; ii, 57). Cowan 1967, 64-5. The erection date given by Cowan is based on the assumption that Ferge (assessed as 3 davochs; Moray Reg, no. 21, 1220x 1221) represents Farnway (see also Cowan 1995, 8 and note 61, which quotes only Moray Reg. nos. 41, 51, 52 in support of his statement that Farnway had been part of Dunballoch). In fact Moray Reg. no. 51 has Ferc’ or Fert, while the original of ibid. no. 21 (which is almost identical to no. 51) has Freg'. These forms cannot represent Farnway, Farnua etc.. Freg' etc. is more likely to represent the 3 davochs of Holme in Kirkhill parish, formerly Wardlaw parish (see Ferc’ below). So Farnway has to be considered as a separate secular and ecclesiastical unit in 1220, and no doubt before. The church of Farnway is first mentioned in 1239 (ibid no. 41), when the bishop of Moray gave it to his cathedral. The dedication to St Curidan (the name of the saint of Rosemarkie, for whom see MacDonald 1992) is based on two references by the Rev. James Fraser to the church of St. Corridon at Farnua (Wardlaw MS, 146, 185). Farnway was united with Wardlaw in 1618 to form the parish of Kirkhill (Fasti 471, but not in APS), with the kirk of the new parish remaining at Wardlaw at the opposite (western) end of the parish.