Forvie, former parish, Slains

Grid reference

NK 020 266 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

402000 826600







Nearby places

St Adomnán's Church, Forvie, Slains (0 miles)

Marywalls, Slains (0.89 miles)

Bennet's Love, Slains (1.03 miles)

Cowstane Hirst, Foveran (1.18 miles)

Chapel of the Holy Rood, Foveran (1.28 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for site of church, overwhelmed by sandstorm. Marked on OS 6 inch 1st edn. NMRS: The church of Forvie, dedicated to St Adamnan, (H Scott et al 1926) is first mentioned in the 13th century records of the Chartulary of Arbroath and has early associations with a foundation of the Knights Templar (mentioned, but not supported by Easson). The parish appears to have maintained its independence until 1573 when it was united with Slains parish (W Kirk 1958). The church was excavated in 1957-8 revealing a plain oblong structure, measuring 45' by 15' internally, with walls 2'0" thick pierced by entrances in the N and S. It probably dates from the late 12th century, and intrusive burials suggest that it became ruined in the 15th century. Finds include 13/14th century potsherds, coins and metalwork. (W Kirk 1957; 1958) In 1876, a piscina from within the church was donated to the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland (NMAS) (PSAS 1878) In the vicinity of the church, the foundations of square huts, built of roughly-shaped stones and red clay, apparently of medieval period, were uncovered. (W Kirk 1953) Further exploratory excavations to the S of the church in 1955 revealed the remains of a paved floor, and yielded a number of 13/14th century potsherds. This may be the site of the medieval hamlet of Forvie (W Kirk 1958), for which see NK02NW 14. (H Scott et al) 1926; Proc Soc Antiq Scot 1878; W Kirk 1953; D Easson 1957; W Kirk 1957; W Kirk 1958.

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Within Slains, parish

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Contains St Adomnán's Church, Forvie, Slains

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Forvie now part of Slains SLA

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Medieval diocese