Dunbeath, former parish, Latheron

Grid reference

ND 156 303 (general (1km))

Six-figure easting & northing

315600 930300







Nearby places

Croit Trolla, Dunbeath, Latheron (0 miles)

Knockinnon, settlement, Latheron (1.39 miles)

Knockinnan Castle, Latheron (1.55 miles)

Latheron, parish (3.37 miles)

Bad Màiri, Latheron (5.2 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



The NGR given is for an ecclesiastical site, possibly even a monastery and/or an ecclesiastical hospital, at Ballachly, on the bank of the Dunbeath Water, and close to Dunbeath Broch. OS Name Book (1871) records a tradition of a chapel and graveyard here, most of which was carried away by the flooding of the Burn of Houstry when 'coffins were seen to be swept down to the sea'. NMRS records massive walls around the site, and other evidence of a possible early Christian site (whose church continued in use until the later medieval period) or a possible hospital (these are not mutually exclusive possibilities). Note the proximity to Croit Trolla, which may indicate the dedication of the church. Investigation and excavations carried out by Lloyd Laing et al. from Nottingham University, starting in 2007 have revealed a church and possible cell or founder's tomb, a 'platea', pottery dating to the sixth or seventh century, an incised cross-slab (possibly of seventh century date), evidence of Norse occupation, and a fragment of a cross-slab with interlace from perhaps the tenth century. http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/archaeology/documents/research/ballachly-presentation.pdf .


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Within Latheron, parish

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Contains Croit Trolla, Dunbeath, Latheron

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Dunbeath now part of Latheron LAT

Parish TLA


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