Dalton Parva, former parish, Dalton

Grid reference

NY 089 746 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

308900 574600







Nearby places

Dalton, aka Meikle Dalton, parish (1.61 miles)

St Bridget's Chapel, Dalton (1.74 miles)

Mouswald, parish (1.94 miles)

St Peter's Well, Mouswald (2.08 miles)

St Mungo Ford, St Mungo's / Dalton (2.36 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR is of OS Pathf. name 'Little Dalton Church' (Antiquity).

Relationships with other parishes

Within Dalton, aka Meikle Dalton, parish

Parish details

Dalton Parva now in Dalton (Magna) DTN

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese


Parish notes

A parsonage in Bagimond (p.97), the church remained unappropriated within the patronage of Carruthers of Holmains in the 16th c. (RMS iii no. 2633; GRH Supp. Chrs. 5 March 1574). Cowan 1967, 45. 1609 APS iv, p. 441 Act for uniting certain kirks in Annandale. (Scots) On account of their poverty the said kirks adjacent to each other are to be united: 'that is to say the kirkis of mekill daltoun/litill daltoun and mowswald The saidis thrie kirkis to be vnite in one place The place of resorting for heiring of the word etc. to be at litill daltoun;...' Not mentioned in Shennan 1892.