Cathcart, parish

Grid reference

NS 587 606 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

258700 660600





Nearby places

Crossmyloof, settlement Cathcart (1.27 miles)

Rutherglen, parish (1.75 miles)

St Convall's Dowry, Eastwood (1.86 miles)

St Mary's Church, Rutherglen (1.92 miles)

St Conal's Well, Eastwood (1.96 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)


NGR given for Cathcart Old Parish Church, built in 1707 and taken down in 1831, when it was replaced by a new church at NS588606.

Relationships with other places

Contains Crossmyloof, settlement Cathcart

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Parish TLA




Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Granted by Walter Fitz Alan to Paisley abbey 1165x73, the church was confirmed to the uses of the priory by Jocelyn bp. of Glasgow 1175x99 (Pais. Reg. 5, 109). A vicarage settlement took place in 1227, the parsonage remaining with the abbey at the Reformation (ibid. 321; Ass. cited OPS i, 65; RMS v no.2070; Reg. of Pres. i, 149v). Cowan 1967, 30. A will of 1550 requested burial ‘in choro Sancti Oswaldi in Cathcart’. There was also a well associated with Oswald near the site of the pre-Reformation church. ACDS-NS, 233-4. Listed in Binns 1995, 257. Up till 1891 CAT was situated partly in RNF, partly in LAN. The LAN portion was divided into two, one being a detached part of the parish and the other forming part of the main portion of the parish. The detached portion was transferred to the parish of East Kilbride, thus remaining in LAN [no further details given]. The remainder of CAT in LAN was placed wholly in RNF. But as this would have caused the boundary between LAN and RNF to run along the centre of a road (a most inconvenient boundary), the part of that road (between Symshill and Croftfoot) which had been thus divided between the parishes of Cathcart CAT and Carmunnock was placed wholly in CAT and RNF. The subjects transferred from LAN to RNF, in addition to the said road, were: Aikenhead (house and home farm); Mount Florida (land and minerals); Meikle Aikenhead (farm, house, land); Woodside (farm). Shennan 1892, 293.