Carluke, parish

Grid reference

NS 848 504 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

284800 650400





Nearby places

Ecclesmalescok, ~eccles. Carluke (0 miles)

St Athanasius Church, Carluke (0.36 miles)

St Oswald's Chapel, Carluke (2.31 miles)

Dalpatrick, settlement Dalserf (2.66 miles)

Dalserf, settlement, Dalserf (2.98 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)


NGR for the old parish church, at which site there are fragmentary remains of the earlier church of fourteenth or fifteenth century (NMRS).

Parish details

Carluke formerly called Ecclesmalescok or Forest Kirk.

Parish TLA




Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Known also as Eglismalesoch or Forest Kirk, the church was granted by Robert I to Kelso. The church continued with Kelso till the Reformation, though revenues were devoted to uses of the cell of Lesmahago. See also Kelso Lib. nos. 366 & 477. Cowan 1967, 27. Barrow 1983 (‘Childhood’), 7 suggests the saint is Loesuc, who ‘may have been Breton’. Ibid. 10 - 1321 form given as earliest recorded form. The church was originally placed on the margin of an extensive forest and woodland called Maldisley or Clyde’s Forest. It stood on the low ground by the river, and near a cairn called Carluke-law. ... Long before the Reformation the parish church was removed to a spot 2 miles farther eastward, where it stood, in 1793, near the village of Kirkstyle, now Carluke. It appears to have been dedicated to St Andrew. In 1838 a coffin hewn of one stone with a rude cross carved on its lid was dug up from its burial ground. The older church did not immediately cease to exist, or to be used. In 1567 the Forest-kirk had a separate reader, but in 1574 Carluke and Forest-kirk are united. OPS i, 115-16. In the south end of the parish, near the tower of Halber, werea hermitage and chapel dedicated to St Oswald. A small field adjoining retains the name of Friars’ Croft OPS i, 116. The ancient parish embraced the forest of Maldisley, originally probably of great extent. At a later period it comprehended the 2 baronies of M. and Braidwude, with the lands of several lesser proprietors, mostly sub-vassals. OPS i, 116. ..The old castle of Mauldslie appears to have stood near the church and of Mauldslie Law, a part of which retains the name of Gallowlee. Hall-craig, on the upper part of the burn of Carluke, and within the barony of M., had, in 1790, some remains of the old hall perched on a pinnacle of the rock, with the vaults and a causeway in the garden. OPS i, 116-7. There was a Roman road in the east of the parish. It follows the higher land east of the Clyde, heading north-west from Castledykes Roman fort (east of Lanark) towards Glasgow, not meeting the Clyde till opposite the mouth of the Avon (in Dalziel parish). Kilcadzow lies on this road. Not mentioned in Shennan 1892.