Cabrach, parish, aka Cloveth

Grid reference

NJ 386 268 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

338600 826800





Nearby places

Mount Meddin, hill (3.65 miles)

Essie, former parish, Rhynie (4.99 miles)

Maiden Hillock, Rhynie (5.05 miles)

Lady's Well, Mortlach (5.45 miles)

St Luke's Chapel, Kildrummy (Mo Luag's) (5.51 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)


NGR for modern parish kirk

Relationships with other places

Contains Mount Meddin, hill

Parish TLA




Medieval diocese


Parish notes

A.B. Coll. ii - not included. In Cowan 1967 under Cabrach (p.24), the church appears in a 'spurious' grant to monastery of Mortlach in 1062, while the monastery itself with 5 churches, of which this was undoubtedly one, was confirmed to the bp. of Aberdeen in 1157 (Abdn. Reg. i, 3, 5-7). The original charter, though spurious, may thus embody fact. The church appears to have remained mensal till 1266, when the grant by Bp. Richard of this church as a common possession of the cathedral was confirmed (de ecclesiis de Dunmeth & Cloueth - Abdn. Reg. i 29). The church was united to Kildrummy in 1363 (Ibid. i 102 [re union of Cloueth & Kylldrommy], ii 85-7, 384) [sic - but actually i 384, which reads (1520) [church of] Cawbraucht alias Cloueth'] - Cowan 1967, 24. So the two parishes must have been disjoined in later middle ages.In fact kyndromy & Cloueth mentioned as separate in 1462 (Abdn. Reg. ii 86 & 87). Cabrach (Cabrawch) and Kildrummy (Kyldrymme) are also mentioned as two separate common kirks of Aberdeen in the 1560s (Assumption 438). But because Clova in KDY, there must have been some re-adjusting of boundary. This original charter [of 1062] mentions churches of Mortlach, Clova ( Cloueth aka Cabrach) & Dumeath (Dulmeth) (GLS DH). A.B. Coll. i 615 - diocese of Aberdeen, but south side of Deveron in ABD, north side of Deveron in BNF. The church lies on the river Royster [= Deveron on Landranger] ... There is a highway south and north to Elgin, and passes by the church, near which there is an inn for entertainment' c.1725 . The parish of CAB BNF was situated partly in BNF partly in ABD. In 1891 it was wholly transferred to BNF. Shennan 1892, 159-60 lists the subjects which went from ABD to BNF as follows: Aldivalloch, Aldune, Auchmair, Bank, Blackwater, Bodiebrae, Bracklach, Buck, Cabrach, Craigencat, Elrick, Gauch or Reekomlane Haddoch, Nether Howbog, Upper H.,Kirkton, Largue, Milltown, Powneed, Redford, Torniechelt, Whitehillock Cabrach - church, manse etc. BUT note RMS i no.474 (1374) king to William earl of Douglas all the lands of the forest of Cabrauche, and half a davoch of land of Auchmayre, with the service of the freeholders of the other half of the said davoch called Clovethe in vic. of BNF. SO - the bit of CAB in ABD before 1891 was in BNF in 14th c. All very confusing. Also Clova etc KDY can't be same place. In A.B. Coll. i 615, called ‘Cabrach or Strathdovern’. Fasti, 122 have ‘Cabrach and Strathdeveron, or Invercharach - united in 1665 - Cabrach dedicated to St Mary, Strathdeveron’s church stood at Invercharich, hence alternative name’. (= Landranger Inverharroch).