Carmyllie, modern parish

Grid reference

NO 549 425 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

354900 742500





Nearby places

Our Lady's Chapel, Carmyllie (0.06 miles)

St Lawrence's Chapel, Carmyllie (1.96 miles)

Both, Bothmernock, eccles, Panbride (2.17 miles)

Boath, Bothmernock, settlement, Panbride (2.17 miles)

St Vigean's Chapel, Arbroath & St Vigeans (2.42 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



The parish was created in 1609: 'Act anent the kirk of Carmylie. Oure soverane lord, with advyse of the estaittis of parliament, ratifeis and approves the erectioun of the kirk of Carmylie in ane paroch kirk conforme to the actis of the kirk maid thairanent; lykas his heighnes, by advyse foirsaid, of new erectis the said kirk in ane paroch kirk, and ordanis the samin to jois and bruik all the priviledges and commoditeis richteoslie belanging to ane parochkirk be the law and consuetude of this kingdome, and the territorie to be designed thairto be the presbiterie of Aberbrothok, to repair and resorte thairto in all tyme cumming, but prejudice the lord Marquess of Hammyltoun forder nor is contenit in his erectioun' (RPS 1609/4/38).

Parish details

Carmyllie, a post-medieval parish made up from Panbride PNB; St Vigeans ASV and Inverkeilor INK

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Parish notes

Spoken of as a church belonging to Arbroath in the early 17th c., this was a chapel, which may have possessed quasi-parochial rights. It was erected in 1501 and did not become fully parochial until 1609, when it was disjoined from Panbride PNB, St Vigeans ASV and Inverkeilor INK, all of which had belonged to Arbroath (Assumptions 330v, RMS ii no.3684; vi no.2075 [not 2705; columns 5 and 7]). Cowan 1967, 28. No changes mentioned in Shennan 1892.