Buchanan, parish (alias Inchcailloch)

Grid reference

NS 410 906 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

241000 690600





Altitude (metres)


Nearby places

Inchcailloch, island, Buchanan (0 miles)

St Kentigerna's Church, Buchanan (0.06 miles)

Killdavie, eccles. Buchanan (0.14 miles)

Balmaha, relief feature, Buchanan (0.47 miles)

Balmaha, settlement Buchanan (0.5 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



The parish of Buchanan was formerly known as Inchcailloch, named for the island in Loch Lomond where the medieval parish kirk was located (at the NGR given above). The island kirk was abandoned in the seventeenth century for a church on the mainland of Buchanan (NS454889) west of Buchanan Old House.

Parish details

Buchannan formerly Inchcailloch.

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Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Now known as Buchanan ... the church throughout appears to have been an independent parsonage in lay patronage, this being held in the 15th & 16th cc. by the earls of Glencairn as lords of Kilmaurs (Robertson, Index, 30 no.10; RS 335, 225v; Cunninghame of Corsehill Writs no.7; GRH (SRO) Chrs. nos. 1417A, 2350). Cowan 1967, 85. MacLeod W H, ‘Ecclesiastical Sites in the Parish of Buchanan’ Trans. of the Aberdeen Ecclesiastical Soc. 3 (1894), 350-7 MacLeod 1894, 352: The chapel which later became the parish kirk of Buchanan was dedicated to St Mary, and appears to have borne the further designation of ‘Kilmichael of Buchanan’. ...‘all and haill landis of’ Kilmychell Buquhannan ‘extending zerly till 40-scilling land of auld extent’1528 Lennox ii p.230 [Geo. Buchanan of that ilk sold them to Patrick Colquhoun] On the island of Inchcailloch the parish kirk remained until 1621, when the 40 pound land of Buchanan was annexed to the parish from the parish of Luss (of which it had hitherto formed a detached part) by an Act of the Privy Council (v. The Lennox vol.1 p.50). After this the private chapel of the Buchanans (for which see above) became the parish kirk. Note that this annexation is mentioned in 1618 RMS vii no.1834 - because of difficulty of getting from the 40 pound lands of Buchannane to its parish kirk of (‘ecclesia de’) Lus, the king unites said lands to the church of Inschecalleoche and it and other lands listed are united into the barony of Cramanane (Cremannan, Balfron par.). The site of the chapel, now gone, lay in a hollow by the burn’s side (MacLeod 1894, 352). In the late 18th c. a new kirk was built on a different site - even the gravestones were removed to the new site (ibid. 352-3). MacLeod does not mention anything about Rowardennan. Mackinlay (1914, 165) notes that 'near where the altar stood is to be seen a dressed stone .. evidently the lid of a sarcophagous'.