Bendochy, parish

Grid reference

NO 218 414 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

321800 741400





Nearby places

St Anne's Church, episc. Coupar Angus (0.81 miles)

Coupar Angus, parish (1.04 miles)

St Mary's Church, Coupar Angus (1.04 miles)

Kettins, parish (1.9 miles)

St Ninian's Acre, Coupar (2.39 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)


It is close to the River Isla which is shown on OS 6 inch map as the boundary between Bendochy and Coupar Angus. According to OSA this was the parish church of Coupar Angus before the dissolution. However, the two pre-Reformation parishes of Coupar Angus and Bendochy have separate histories (Cowan 1967, 16, 36). They seem to have been joined after the Reformation with Bendochy becoming the place of worship. But they were separated again in 1618 (RMS vii no. 1956, with a new church being built in the precinct of the monastery of Coupar Angus.

Relationships with other parishes

Contains Coupar Angus, parish (formerly)

from the Reformation till 1618

Relationships with other places

Contains St Fink, eccles. Bendochy

Contains St Fink, settlement Bendochy

Contains Tullyfergus, Bendochy

Contains Tullyfergus, Bendochy

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Medieval diocese