Tyninghame, former parish, WTH

Grid reference

NT 619 797 (general (1km))

Six-figure easting & northing

361900 679700





Nearby places

St Baldred's Church, Whitekirk & Tyninghame (0.06 miles)

Bathan's Strand, Whitekirk & Tyninghame (1.26 miles)

St Baldred's Cradle, Whitekirk & Tyninghame (1.45 miles)

St Mary's Church, Whitekirk (& Tyningham) (1.76 miles)

Our Lady's Well, Whitekirk & Tyninghame (1.76 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?


Relationships with other parishes

Within Whitekirk and Tyninghame, modern parish

Relationships with other places

Contains St Baldred's Church, Whitekirk & Tyninghame

Parish details

Tyninghame part of Whitekirk WKX and Tyninghame WTH, and including Auldhame AEX.

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese

St Andrews

Parish notes

While the church was granted to the priory of St Andrews by one of its first canons [Robert uterine brother of Bishop Robert of St Andrews] around 1140, the lands of Tyninghame belonged to the bishop of St A. from an early date, to which the patronage of the church appears to have likewise pertained (CPS 193 [ = Augustinian Account]; CPL i, 61; Bag. Roll p.68). The church was appropriated to the mensa of the archbishop of St A. in 1473, but this proved ineffective and a fresh appropriation was required in 1487, while in the intervening years the church appears as a newly erected canonry and prebend of St Salvator’s in 1485. See Cowan 1967, 203 for more details and refs.. Tyninghame includes AULDHAME AEX, Auldhame [OS Landr. spelling] now part of Whitekirk & Tyninghame WTH, ELO, StA Hadd, Baldred, x, Ash 1972, 382.