Tongue, modern parish

Grid reference

NC 590 570 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

259000 957000







Nearby places

Meall Thailm, Tongue (6.12 miles)

St Columba's Chapel, Tongue (6.36 miles)

Coomb Island, Tongue (6.49 miles)

Loch Haluim, Tongue (7.39 miles)

Farr, parish (8.33 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?


Relationships with other parishes

Within Durness, parish (formerly)

Contains Tongue, modern parish

Within Tongue, modern parish

Relationships with other places

Contains Coomb Island, Tongue

Contains Coomb Island, Tongue

Contains Loch Haluim, Tongue

Contains Meall Thailm, Tongue

Contains St Columba's Chapel, Tongue

Parish details

Tongue formerly part of Durness parish, created in 1724 according to the minister of Tongue (NSA 164), or of Farr (OPS).

Parish TLA




Parish notes

Originally included in the medieval parish Farr FRR, which also included the part of the parish of Reay called Strathalladale, which lies within SUT. Strathalladale having been attached to Reay REA [mainly in CAI] before 1245, the parish of Farr thenceforward included only the districts of Tongue (or Kintail) and Farr, or Strathnavar properly so called, being the country watered by the Melness, the Borgie, the Naver, and the Strathy. OPS ii (2), 707. The church appears to have always stood where the old kirk (built in 1774) stands today. There was a chapel at Kirkboll or Kirkiboll, the burial place of the family of Macky, which was standing and repaired c. 1630. (ibid. 708). The parish church of Tongue was built in 1680 about half a mile further north, was nearly rebuilt in 1731, was repaired in 1778, and seems still to be in use. The cemetery of the chapel, still used, lies at the village of Kirkiboll on the burn of Clachan (the Avon Kerkiboll of Blaeu), between which and the present churchyard is a portion of the glebe known locally as Eilean-tigh an tsagairt. ibid. 707. Various other chapels are mentioned. Ibid. 707.