St Convall's Dowry, Eastwood

Grid reference

NS 557 605 (general (1km))

Six-figure easting & northing

255700 660500





Nearby places

St Conal's Well, Eastwood (0.32 miles)

St Convall's Church, Eastwood (0.4 miles)

Eastwood, parish, alias (Nether) Pollock (0.44 miles)

Crossmyloof, settlement Cathcart (1.4 miles)

Cathcart, parish (1.86 miles)

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In Paisley Reg. 63, 'the whole land of Auldhouse' (tota terra de Aldhus) is described as 'the dowry of the church of St Convall of Pollock' (que dos est ecclesia Sancti Convalli de Polloc). At this stage St Convall's dowry seems not to be functioning as a place-name, but as an indication of tenure, the word 'dos' here simply indicating that the whole land of Auldhouse belongs to the church of St Conval. Antiquarian interest - perhaps during the nineteenth century, when Paisley Reg. was published, seems to have generated an actual place-name from what should probably be seen as a merely lexical reference to the saint.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Eastwood, parish, alias (Nether) Pollock