St Ninian's Cross, Paisley

Grid reference

NS 485 639 (general (5km))

Six-figure easting & northing

248500 663900





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Paisley, parish (0 miles)

Paisley Abbey, Paisley (0 miles)

St George's Church, Paisley (0.22 miles)

St Mirren's Burn, Paisley (0.39 miles)

St James' Street, Paisley (0.4 miles)

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Is linear feature?



In the erection of the Burgh of Paisley, 'In addition we give and grant to the said Provost, baillifs, burgesses and comunity of the said burgh common passage, twelve 'ulnae' wide, from the north side of St Ninian's Cross (ex boreali parte crucis Sancti Niniani)....'. The NGR given is for the abbey, but it is not clear where the cross stood in relation to the abbey, though it cannot have been much more than 1 km away. Though the manuscript of Paisley Reg. quite clearly has 'Niniani', the document is a copy of an older medieval manuscript which it may possibly have miscopied. We should bear in mind the possibility that the original was Crux Mirini.

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