Rothes, parish

Grid reference

NJ 274 491 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

327400 849100





Nearby places

Boharm, parish (formerly Arndilly) (1.59 miles)

Dundurcas, former parish, Boharm/Rothes (2.1 miles)

Elchies, former parish, Knockando (3.05 miles)

Catherinebraes, settlement Knockando (3.08 miles)

St Nicholas Hospital & Chapel, Spey, Boharm (3.14 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?


Relationships with other parishes

Contains Dundurcas, former parish, Boharm/Rothes


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Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Granted by Muriel de Polloc to her hospital of St Nicholas (Boharm) before 1235, in which year the prior and convent of St Andrews renounced any right in the hospital and church to the bishop of Moray and Lady Muriel (Moray Reg. nos. 111-113; St A. Lib. 326-7). Thereafter the church was confirmed to the hospital by Eva de Mortlach and Andrew bp. of Moray (1235 x 1242). However, while that institution was evidently still in being in 1471 and its buildings survived the Reformation, the benefice of Rothes is in the 16th c. treated as an independent parsonage within the patronage of the earls of Rothes, the hospital by that date probably having become securalised (Moray Reg. nos. 112-13); Cawdor Bk., 53; A.B. Ill. ii, 277-8; RMS iii no. 148; Assumptions 406v, 407, 408). Cowan 1967, 173. Rothes RHS includes most if not all of the medieval parish of Dundurcas. Part of Dundurcus was united with Boharm in 1782 (Fasti, 336); presumably the other part was united to Rothes at the same time, since Dundurcus iself and what was probably the site of the old kirk beside Kirkhill (by Dundurcus) lie in Rothes RHS. TIll 1891 the parish of Rothes was situated partly in BNF, partly in MOR (Elginshire). In that year it was placed wholly in MOR, which meant that the following subjects were transferred from BNF to MOR viz the Aikenways (part of the estate of Arndilly) + Sheriffhaugh (croft). See Shennan 1892, 156-7.