Roberton, modern parish ROX

Grid reference

NT 432 142 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

343200 614200







Nearby places

St Mary's Chapel, Roberton (1.2 miles)

Lady's Well, Roberton (1.42 miles)

Martinshouse, Hawick (3.03 miles)

Martin's Bridge (3.08 miles)

Kildrummy, parish (3.22 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Relationships with other parishes

Contains Hassendean, former parish, Minto

part of

Contains Hawick, parish

part of

Contains Roberton, modern parish ROX

Within Roberton, modern parish ROX

Contains Selkirk (Abbatis), parish

part of

Contains Wilton, former parish, Hawick

part of

Relationships with other places

Contains Lady's Well, Roberton

Contains Lady's Well, Roberton

Contains St Mary's Chapel, Roberton

Contains St Mary's Chapel, Roberton

Parish TLA




Parish notes

Acc. to OPS I, 326, the parish of Roberton is a modern creation, made from parts of parishes of Selkirk, Wilton, Hawick and Hassendean. OSA says this happened ca. 1682. The core of the parish is probably the older church also known as Kirkborthwick. But Cowan (1967, 117) indicates that at Kirkborthwick 'the church did not possess parochial status and was possibly in origin a chapel built by the monks of Melrose upon lands which they possessed.'