St Tartan's Well, Kilsyth

Grid reference

NS 710 780 (general (1km))

Six-figure easting & northing

271000 678000







Nearby places

Kilsyth, aka Monyabroch, parish (0.42 miles)

St Mirren's Well, Kilsyth (1.23 miles)

St Flanan, settlement, Kirkintilloch (2.46 miles)

Antermony, former parish, Campsie (3.34 miles)

Cumbernauld, modern parish (3.57 miles)

Object Classification


Is linear feature?



The NGR is inferred very roughly from the description in 1796 of its location by OSA (xviii, 229): 'Along the whole brow of the hills they abound; and they are equally remarkable for the quantity and quality of the water they fend forth. There is one or two so copious, that during the heat of summer they will each fill a pipe of 3, perhaps 4 inches diameter; and the water of almost all of them is as pure as crystal. Two have been consecrated to their tutelar saints, and still bear their respective names; the one is called St. Tartan's, perhaps a contraction of St. Tallertan's; the other which seems to have attracted the attention of our forefathers for many generations, is called St Mirron's.' The saint tentatively assigned to this well here is St Talorcan, since his name is elsewhere on record reduced to 'Tarquin' and 'Tarkin', a plausible origin for 'Tartan'.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Kilsyth, aka Monyabroch, parish