St Ninian's Lands, Southend, Kintyre

Grid reference

NR 710 060 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

171000 606000







Nearby places

Kilmashenachan, settlement, SOE (Kintyre) (1.26 miles)

St Ninian's Well, Southend (Kintyre) (1.39 miles)

Kilmashenachan, ~eccles. SOE (Kintyre) (1.41 miles)

St Ninian's Chapel, Southend (Kintyre) (1.41 miles)

Kilbride, ~eccles. SOE (Kintyre) (1.75 miles)

Object Classification


Is linear feature?



St Ninian's lands was a spread of territory that included Sanda island and Kilmashenachan on mainland Kintyre. The NGR given is actually in the sea between these two places, and represents the approximate centre of a scatter of properties included in the lands, identifiable on OS as:Sanda Island, Kilmashenachan, Macharioch, Blasthill, Cnoc Morain [though Drumore (Drummoir) and Ballygreggan (Ballagregane), are further north than this cluster. At some point before the Reformation these lands (at least some of which, such as Kilmashenachan, had belonged to Iona) were granted to Whithorn Priory, and the dedication probably arises from this relationship with St Ninian's monastery there. The extent of St Ninian's Lands is given as 16 merks in Exchequer Rolls XII, 578 (1507, 'sexdecim marcatis terrarum spectantibus priori Candide Case'); 701 (1502-8, 'xvj marate terrarum pertinent. Sancto Niniano')

Relationships with other parishes

Within Southend, modern parish (Kintyre)