St Leonard's Hospital, Ednam

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NT 734 357 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

373400 635700







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Ednam, parish (0.88 miles)

St Leonard's, settlement Kelso (1.13 miles)

Abbey of St Mary [and St John], Kelso (1.24 miles)

Kelso, parish (1.24 miles)

St James's Green, Roxburgh, Kelso (1.28 miles)

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Twelfth century records indicate that there was once a hospital at Ednam. It may have stood about 1.5km south of the modern village, but no archaeological work has been carried out on the site, and no remains are visible above ground. The hospital was founded before 1178, when a donation from the Countess of Northumberland and Huntingdon was recorded. Later patrons of the hospital included the Edmonstones of Ednam, whose payments to the hospital were recorded in 1426 and 1437. A source dating from 1542 recorded that the English burnt the hospital during an incursion over the border. As records continue to mention it until 1649, the hospital cannot have been completely destroyed until at least the late seventeenth century.

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