St Mary's Priory, Montrose

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NO 710 580 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

371000 758000







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Montrose, parish, aka Salorch (0.31 miles)

Church of Sts Peter & Paul, Montrose (0.31 miles)

St Paul's Church, Montrose (0.38 miles)

St Mary's Chapel, Montrose (episc) (0.45 miles)

Church of St Mary & St Peter, Montrose (0.47 miles)

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NMRS records: A house of Dominican friars, dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was founded at Montrose before 1275. It was apparently 'burned by the enemy' at the beginning of the 14th century and in 1518 the buildings were lying neglected although apparently still occupied, since the translation of the friars to the newly-built hospital (NO75NW 6) was authorised in that year. It would appear that the original buildings were restored during the following six years since in 1524 the king ordained the return of the friars to their former house as the situation of the hospital in the public street disturbed their services and devotions. This translation does not appear to have taken place as, in 1559, the Lords of the Secret Council ordered the ejection of the friars and the restoration of the hospital. In 1570 the revenues and properties of the Dominicans were granted to the burgh. The site of the house is not definitely known. Jervise says it stood on the Links of Montrose which still bore the name of St Mary in 1861, a little east of Victoria Bridge (NO 717 593). Pococke says it lay a little north of the town at Muir Montrose, a house where foundations were discovered before 1760. R Pococke 1887; A Jervise 1861; D E Easson 1957.

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Within Montrose, parish, aka Salorch